Adding fractions with like denominators 2

Adding fractions with like denominators 2

This problem solving task encourages you to find two possible fractions that can be added together to make the given fraction. There is more than one solution. Click here to download this worksheet.

The Task

Priti was adding fractions on the number line but she forgot how she made 9/12. Show a sum she might have made, using two fractions with the same denominator.

Teachers' Notes

This is a problem solving task that encourages students to think about the different possibilities when adding two fractions to make the sum. You could encourage students to think about the patterns they might identify to help them find all the possible solutions. You could also ask them to make the possible solutions on Fractions Lab and reflect upon how the patterns look on the screen. Taking a screenshot and discussing it away from the screen could lead to other opportunities such as displays or group discussions.

To challenge more able students, Fractions Lab also represents some improper fractions. You could design tasks like this using improper fractions, such as "How did Zach make 8/5?"

You can also read how to add fractions with like denominators by reading the Quick Start Guide, "Adding and subtracting fractions" and how to check them in "The operations box: compare, add or subtract".

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