Familiarisation task: Make a fraction

Familiarisation task: Make a fraction

Have a go at making your own fractions, change their colour, highlight them and take a screenshot. Click here to download this worksheet.

The Task

Think of a fraction. Make the fraction in Fractions Lab as a number line, rectangle, set and jug. What is the same and what is different about each representation?

Use the right mouse click on a representation to change the colour or copy a fraction. Highlight your favourite fraction representation.

Teachers' Notes

This task is designed to familiarise students with the basics of Fractions Lab. The student worksheet breaks the task down step-by-step and uses images to illustrate each part.

Teachers should check that the students know how to right mouse click on the fraction representation to reveal the menu.

A discussion on what is the same and what is different will support students to consider the way the numerator and denominator can be shown in one dimension (number line), two dimensions (rectangle) and three dimensions (jug) as well as in discrete amounts (set).

You can also read how to make fractions by reading the Quick Start Guides, "The Fractions Lab work space" and "Making fraction representations".

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