Equivalent fractions 1

Make a fraction equivalent to ½ and to check your solution using the 'compare box' in Fractions Lab. Click here to download this worksheet.

The Task

Make a fraction that is equivalent to ½. Use the compare box to show it is equivalent. What other fractions equivalent to ½can you make?

Teachers' Notes

Some students will be able to complete this task without the 'find equivalent' tool in Fractions Lab, while others will welcome this feature. The key discussion point here is how they know that the fractions are equivalent. Encourage students to talk in terms of multiplying (or even doubling) or partitioning the numerator and denominator, rather than using additive structures which are unhelpful in this context later on.

It is also worth encouraging students to consider how the size of the fraction remains the same (as seen on the screen with the representations) even though the numerator and denominator get larger.

You can also read how to make equivalent fractions by reading the Quick Start Guide, "Making equivalent fractions".

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