Familiarisation task: Comparing fractions

Familiarisation task: Comparing fractions

Learn how to use the 'compare box' to compare two fractions. Click here to download this worksheet.

The Task

Make 1/3 and 1/5 using the same type of representation in Fractions Lab. Compare them with each other to find the largest fraction.

Teachers' Notes

Students often assume 1/5 is larger than 1/3 because 5 is bigger than 3. Furthermore, some students focus on the number of parts the whole has been divided into (e.g. 5 or 3) rather than the relative size of those parts (fifths or thirds). The comparison box and discussion about the size of the coloured parts can help to challenge this common error. It may help to use fractions of the same representation and to put them side-by-side to allow a further visual comparison.

You can also read how to compare fractions by reading the Quick Start Guide, "The operations box: compare, add or subtract".

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